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Goals & Circulation Policy

The goals of the Library Media Center at NPHS are as follows:

·        To promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading

·        To develop students who grow as lifelong learners and appreciate various forms of literature

·        To create students who are information literate

·        To develop competence as active locators and users of information for both academic needs and personal curiosity

·        To acquire and make available to students and staff books, periodicals, databases, and web resources which will address their academic needs and personal interest

Circulation Policy
1.  Print materials, except for reference books & magazines, may be checked out by students for three weeks. At the end of this period students may renew the materials for an additional three weeks.

2.  Reference books may be checked out for two days and magazines for one week.

3.  Students are charged a five-cent fine for each school day that their materials are late.

4.  Overdue and fines notices will be distributed through your ASL period homeroom teachers at least twice a month.

5.  Periodically, students with overdue materials and fines who have not responded to previous notices will be assigned Friday school.  If the overdue materials are turned  and the fines paid the student will be excused from Friday school.

6.  The only audio-visual equipment students may check out are Flip cameras, digital cameras, and MP3 players.  These can only be checked out if needed for a class project.  They are checked out for one week and fines are $1.00 for each day late.